A new study by the University of Leeds suggests that some people are losing their job prospects because of their race.

Key points:The study was conducted by the Institute for Economic Performance at the University, which found that “race-based pay discrimination was the largest contributor to the decline in employment in the UK”The study, published in the journal Work and Occupations, also found that while “race discrimination in the workplace is more prevalent in some parts of the country”, it was still “substantially higher” than the UK average.

In the UK, there were more than 1.2 million job vacancies, and the study found that race discrimination was “the single largest contributor” to the drop in the number of jobs available.

Researchers from the University’s Institute for Educational and Economic Research (IESER) conducted the study for the Institute of Economic Performance.

“While the UK labour market has seen a decline in the proportion of white working-age people in the labour market, this has largely been the result of the labour migration and immigration programme.”

However, in terms of race discrimination in this country, there is a significant amount of discrimination against white workers,” the report says.”

Whites are overrepresented in some sectors of the economy, including retail, service and manufacturing.

“Furthermore, some employers may not consider it appropriate to recruit or hire non-white workers because of race or nationality.”

While the report noted that it was “not possible to identify the causes of the recent job losses”, it said “racism is a very significant contributing factor to the job losses”.

The report’s authors found that the number and types of job vacancies declined from 5,500 to 4,000 between the two years, with “race and ethnicity” as the most prevalent form of discrimination in terms that led to the loss of jobs.

It found that racial discrimination was significantly more common among people aged 55 and over, who had a job vacancy rate of 16 per cent, compared with 4 per cent for white workers.

“The findings highlight the need for the UK Government to consider how it can further target and support a wider range of jobs for all workers to be offered and in some cases, to provide paid leave to people who are disadvantaged by race or ethnicity,” the authors write.

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