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About Us

 Our customers have always found an integrated business promotion solution more valuable than a simple web presence. Driven by this preference of our customers, we have built ourselves on the key pillars of smart people & smart solutions for business promotion. We have developed an integrated solution delivery framework which incorporates B2B marketplaces, internet technology and industry knowledge.

Rajasthan Trade & Industries is B2B marketplace also a B2C and you can say information provider for anything which can help you in life - We today serve our customers through a network of over 150 industry / product marketplaces.

We have always seen Internet as a business facilitator rather than a technology phenomenon. Our usage of internet technology has therefore been directed towards business promotion of our customers. Today, we cater to over 8,000 customers and make internet technology work for their business.

The diversities of businesses makes it imperative for us to custom deliver our solutions. This presents a great challenge of accumulating & using industry knowledge to deliver high quality solutions.

Our Database

World's leading small and medium sized companies
A selection of 600 0000 of companies and business people  To facilitate consultation, the businesses listed in Rajasthan Trade & Industries are classified according to a very detailed nomenclature which is much more accurate than the industrial nomenclatures usually used.
Our user-friendly nomenclature enables you to accurately identify the businesses you are looking for. It consists of:


How we serve you or help you to find information
We utilize our technical skills and business acumen to bring the best business solutions to our customers. Since our services are human resource oriented, we need to work with a proper plan to get the best. There are prescribed set of procedures that we follow right from recruiting people to delivering the services and their further evaluation and improvements. Training and development of the employees is well taken care of to enhance employee skills.

We devote extra man-hours by involving more professionals for each project. The project team generally includes professionals from varied fields such as sales and marketing, data management, software development, graphic designing, content editing and online marketing.

Our clients get a consistent input of work progress through the team manager. We ensure that each team member follows the set procedures and checks at every stage of project development and implementation. With all our efforts we deliver solutions that delight our customers by their quality, presentation and profitable returns.

products and services

3 ways of expanding your business via Rajasthan Trade & Industries
Three complementary services are available to you
  • Business Enhancement
    Our business enhancement solutions assist our customers in enhancing their sales, brand/product promotion or both.
  • B2B Marketplace Services
    We owns and maintains many interactive and largest B2B marketplace -  over 150 industry specific B2B marketplaces.
  • Lead Management
    Get direct lead for your business.
Local Representative & Offices Rajasthan Trade & Industries is present through a network of Web Professionals,  Yellow Pages and Specialist Directory publishers who market advertising products. Click for Details

Our online partners

multiplying your chances of becoming known via the Internet
Many websites have enhanced their content by including 
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